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Puppy Farm BichonHello Doris & Happy New Year (Well I hope it is for some)

My name is Billy & I am a 9 week old Bichon Frise.

You might already be thinking what could a 9 week old puppy be writing to you about as their life should just be beginning, but trust me, I’m not wasting your time, as even though I’ve only been on this planet for what must seem like the blink of an eye, I have already lived through a lot.

That’s even taking into consideration that the first 2 weeks of my life, my eyes were closed, but now they have been well & truly opened.

The first thing I remember was how cold it was.

It wasn’t just me, my Brothers & 1 Sister also felt it and together with them & my Mother, we’d pack as tightly as we could to keep the little heat we had shared amongst us.

The next thing I recall was the noise.

Screaming & yelping seemed to be coming from every angle, but knowing myself & my siblings were not alone didn’t make it any easier.

When my eyes finally opened & I got to adjust to the dim light, I discovered I was in some kind of cubicle, that was in some kind of shed, and their were other dogs & pups some like me and others not so, in similar cubicles in this shed.

The days seemed to last forever, the noise was terrible, & the cold unbearable. I just knew what myself & my littermates were going through just wasn’t right.

Once a day a non canine would enter the shed and do a quick head count, change some bedding (It needed it, trust me) & give my mother some food which she gulped down with unbelievable haste. I thought at first she ate so fast just in case some of us tried to take some from her, but now realise she was extremely hungry.

It was hard to stay positive, but I could only hope that someday, somebody would come along and take us all from this miserable existence.

That day came for me when I was around 6 weeks old.

Prior to that date a few other non canines had come to the shed a looked around all the cubicles. Some would stop in front of ours and look in, some would even reach over & grab us, no matter what we were doing to have a closer look. The smaller of these non canines were quite rough and passed us puppies around like some kind of plaything, but at least we got to feel wanted by someone or something other than our poor mother, who never got a look in from anybody.

Then one day it finally happened.

Some of my siblings had already been “taken” my sister being the first one to go & not return. Then it was my turn. I was taken from this prison by 2 non canines and transported to where they lived. At first I was hidden from the young ones and placed into another shed, only this time it was smaller & I was on my own. This didn’t last too long thankfully, as late one night I was plucked from my sleep & placed in a box at the base of a tree along with a load of other boxes. Finally I was warm.

What happened next I am still trying to get over. What seems like only a few hours after I was placed in this box the lid was ripped open and I was extracted by the smaller ones. Something great must have been happening as the excitement in the room was nearly unbearable. In fact I wet myself, but it went totally unnoticed. The next few days were like this one and although I got very little sleep it was a 100% improvement to what my life had been up until then.

Then it happened.

The smaller ones soon found more interest in the other boxes that I shared that room with, and after a while they would leave the house each morning & not return until later that day. The older non canines didn’t take too kindly to me using the floor as my bathroom, and just as I thought it couldn’t get any worse I was relegated back out to the shed. Apart from feeding me, the visits have become less and less, and where  I had the support & comfort of my Mother & Siblings in the first shed, here I am on my own.

Please tell me Doris that this is not what I am destined for ! Surely I have more to offer this family if only I was given the chance.

I look forward so desperately to hearing back from you Doris.

Billy the Bichon

January 15, 2015 4:30 pm

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