Who wants €150 to donate to an Irish Dog Charity ?

The good folks at Honeys Real Dog Food, have kindly sent me 20 copies of their Natural Feeding Handbook for dogs.

The handbook is a short plain-English guide to feeding your dog what it is biologically designed to eat, and as there is absolutely no difference (apart from size) between the internal organs and digestive process of a Chihuahua and a Grey Wolf,  they should both eat the same diet.

This handbook explains why your dog will be better off on a natural diet and provides simple instructions on how to prepare your dogs food.

As agreed with Jonathan, the author, we are going to sell these 20 copies though our website, with all proceeds going to a designated dog charity.

That’s where you come in.

Obviously we are friendly with certain dog charities in Ireland, but we would like to hear from you, that if interested in the book what charity would you like to see the money going to.

The books will be sold at € 9.00 which includes post and packaging of €1.50, so the total donated will be € 150.00

If you need any further info on the book etc, or would like to be one of the luck ones that gets their hands on one of the copies, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Not only will you be the owner of the most practical guide to feeding a natural diet to your dog, but you will also be helping the cause of our designated Irish Dog Charity.