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Hungarian Vizsla Video & FCI Breed Standard

| blog | August 31, 2011

Hungarian Vizsla

Hungarian Vizsla

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ORIGIN: Hungary.

UTILISATION: A versatile gun dog that must be able to work in the field, forest and water, having the following typical qualities: an excellent nose, firmness on the point, excellent retrieves and determination to remain on the scent even when swimming, which he manifestly enjoys. He copes with difficult terrain as well as extreme weather conditions.  As he is intended to be an efficient hunting dog, gun and game shyness, unwillingness to point and retrieve, as well as a dislike of water are undesirable. Because of his easy going nature and his adaptability, he can easily be kept as a companion dog in the house.

CLASSIFICATION FCI: Group 7 Pointing Dogs.
Section 1 Continental Pointing Dogs.With working trial (Field and Water Trial)

BRIEF HISTORICAL SUMMARY: The ancestors of the Hungarian Vizsla came into the Carpathian Basin with the nomadic Hungarian tribes. Written descriptions and graphic illustrations are found in documents of the 14th century already. From the 18th century, his importance as a hunting dog has been increasing steadily.
As early as the end of the 19th century, competitions for pointing dogs were organised in Hungary, in which Hungarian Vizslas (among others) participated with great success.

In those days, other Gundog breeds most likely played an important part in the development of the breed.

The specific modern breeding started in 1920, as a result of which, the Short-Haired Hungarian Vizsla received recognition by the FCI in 1936.

GENERAL APPEARANCE: Medium sized, elegant gun dog of noble appearance with short russet gold coat. His rather light, dry, lean structure embodies the harmony of beauty and strength.

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