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This Dog is laughing all the way to the bank !

| blog | October 15, 2012

Regular readers of this blog will know that we are quite passionate about our dogs, and more importantly so about what we feed them, and we try in our own small way to offer the best advice when it comes to all things dog.

I came across this poster in my local Aldi store yesterday, when I was in there buying some cabbage, broccoli, carrots and courgettes, some of which will end up in our dog’s bowls, along with some fresh meat.

The statement on the bottom of the poster reads – “Paws for thought – We’ve been feeding Irish Cats and Dogs for 20 years”

I guess that makes them pretty good at it then ?

Maybe the company that is based in Naas, Co. Kildare should have expanded on this statement a little, and advised the customers, exactly WHAT they have been feeding Irish Cats and Dog over the last 20 years, as according to the fancy packaging this food claims to help support the IMMUNE system, helps aid COAT condition and offer 100% COMPLETE balance.

However on closer inspection, one would find out the following.

Cereals are the main ingredient, and there is a whopping 4% rice in the rice kibble.

As part of the meat and animal derivatives, 4 % consists of beef, and there is another whopping 4% carrot in the carrot kibble, plus, go on, have a guess as to what percentage of peas is in the green vegetable kibble…….If you answered 4 well done, top of the class, although if you had only scored 4% in your school exams, something tells me you may have spent a lot of time down the back of the bike sheds, having a quick smoke.

Now I’m not sure how much one would be expected to pay for this wonder dog food, that not only comes in fancy packaging, but purports to support your dogs immune system, aids coat condition and offers a 100% balanced diet for your dog, but reckon your money would be far better spent on picking up a copy of Honeys Real Dog Food, Natural Feeding Handbook for dogs.

This handbook explains why your dog will be better off on a natural diet and provides simple instructions on how to prepare your dogs food.

This is what one person that bought the book has to say about the results “Put our dogs onto a raw meat feed a month ago amazing improvement.”

More information can be found out about the same at this LINK

So if you’d like to wipe the smile of this fellas face, and maybe help him lose a small bit of weight (Your dog that is) do your dog a real favour and next time your in store, don’t be sucked in by the fancy packaging and false claims, head instead to the fridge with the fresh meat in it, and then pick up a head of cabbage or some other vegetables, blend them together with what you learn from this handbook, and I am 100% positive your dog will thank you for it.

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Who wants €150 to donate to an Irish Dog Charity ?

| blog | August 17, 2012

The good folks at Honeys Real Dog Food, have kindly sent me 20 copies of their Natural Feeding Handbook for dogs.

The handbook is a short plain-English guide to feeding your dog what it is biologically designed to eat, and as there is absolutely no difference (apart from size) between the internal organs and digestive process of a Chihuahua and a Grey Wolf,  they should both eat the same diet.

This handbook explains why your dog will be better off on a natural diet and provides simple instructions on how to prepare your dogs food.

As agreed with Jonathan, the author, we are going to sell these 20 copies though our website, with all proceeds going to a designated dog charity.

That’s where you come in.

Obviously we are friendly with certain dog charities in Ireland, but we would like to hear from you, that if interested in the book what charity would you like to see the money going to.

The books will be sold at € 9.00 which includes post and packaging of €1.50, so the total donated will be € 150.00

If you need any further info on the book etc, or would like to be one of the luck ones that gets their hands on one of the copies, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Not only will you be the owner of the most practical guide to feeding a natural diet to your dog, but you will also be helping the cause of our designated Irish Dog Charity.

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Everbody is welcome in my bed !

| blog | July 27, 2012

A conundrum I often ask myself is the following.

Is it better to give a home to just 1 dog and feed it the best possible food you can, or keep say 5 or maybe 10 dogs and feed them the cheapest quality of dog food you can get your hands on.


It’s one that could keep you awake all night tossing and turning in your bed.

Luckily for me then that nearly a year and a half ago we switched our 4 Standard Smooth Dachshunds over from what we considered, and were led to believe, was a very high quality processed food, to the BARF diet. (For those that don’t know, BARF stands for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food, or an easier way of explaining it is Bones And Raw Food.)

Back then it was like a light switch had suddenly been turned on in what I like to call my brain.

I thought rather than feed a food that is supposed to contain all those lovely looking ingredients printed on the lovely packaging on the commercial dog food bag, why not just give it to them straight anyway. At the very least, the minimum benefit is that when feeding a raw ingredient like chicken it has to be 100 % fresher than something that has been sprayed with poultry fat or heaven forbid animal fat, used as a preservative so the bag you finally purchase can sit on a warehouse rack or pet food stores shelf for over a year before you bring it home to inflict it on your dogs.

Getting back to my original conundrum, apart from doing what is best for your dog or dogs, financial circumstances may have a large part to play in deciding how many dogs you can home and also the type of food you can afford to feed them.

Well, this awful summer we are experiencing in Ireland, may have an impact on that.

Now before you bounce of our site, after deciding that he has well and truly lost the plot this time, hear me out….

With all this rain, the price per tonne of wheat etc has risen by 30% since the start of this year, and will continue to rise. This will have a knock on affect on our breakfast cereals, slice of toast in the morning, lunchtime sandwiches, and oh yeah the price of a bag of dog food, as most brands use cereals as a major ingredient to bulk up their product.

Now me on the other hand gets to buy a box of over 300 fresh chicken necks for € 5.00 which lasts our pack 7 days, and together with their fresh vegetable intake, some lamb hearts and a bit of scrap Salmon from the fish mongers, our monthly check out bill for our 4 healthy, glossy coated, shiny teethed, fresh breath smelling, less waste producing, Standard Smooth Dachshunds tops out at no more than € 30.00

So it looks like the forecast for me and our pack is plenty of restful nights ahead…What’s it going to be for you ?


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Dog food…Are you having a laugh ?

| blog | May 30, 2012

In a blog I posted towards the end of last year, I stated that We Are What We eat, and therefore Our Dogs Are What They Eat

Another way of looking at this is to say that you only get out of a dog what you put into it.

Dog poop, is a subject we have covered here quite a few times in our illustrious 2 and a half year existence, and I’m not going to get too deep into this here today.

But, we’ve all come face to face (hopefully not literally) with a big mound of dog poo, so big in fact, that as my Dad would say, “you could take shelter behind it”

Is it any wonder, when you see peoples shopping trolleys at the supermarket checkout, loaded up with the cheapest of the cheap dog food, like the example above.

4% Chicken in the Chicken Kibble…What the hell is the other 96% made up of ?

4% Carrot in the Carrot kibble and 4% Peas in the green vegetable kibble…Bloody ‘ell

That’s even before you get onto the colourants etc….

Here’s a snippet from one of the larger supermarket chains in Ireland in relation to the dog food that they stock, that goes out the door by the trolley load….

We know you want the best for your pet, so we make sure that our suppliers use only the best quality ingredients in our pet food“….eh….4% Chicken in the Chicken Kibble, I don’t think so….

It’s common knowledge amongst us humans that too much processed food in our diets is very bad for us, but yet the majority of the dog owning population in Ireland, couldn’t give a S… when it comes to looking after their dogs nutritional requirements.

So if you REALLY love your dog, get your act together, do your research on what is the best possible food for him or her, you’ll not only be doing your dog a favour, as from now on you’ll be able to bring normal sized poop bags out with you on your dogs walk, instead of the big black bin liners you have had to use in the past.

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